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Cyber security en Identity Access Management

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Cyber security en Identity Access Management

Tijd: Januari 29 2015 vanaf 13.00 to 17.00
Locatie: Utrecht
Website of map: http://www.leadersinsecurity.…
Telefoon: 06-23642513
Soort gebeurtenis: seminar
Georganiseerd door: LSEC ism PIMN
Meest recente activiteit: 24 Dec 2014

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Identity remains one of the core components in today's security provisioning. It's the key component of trust, both for persons, machines, systems and applications. In the challenge of securing information and information technology, and in the challenge of preventing cyber threats, often the lack of strong identification has become one of weakest spots in the overall defense mechanism. Too often, existing credentials can be abused, have been badly implemented or managed, and lead to major vulnerabilities or incidents. at the same time the level of trust on the electronic identity (not yet eID) is dominating the dependency of systems' accessibility and availability. This is one of the key challenges in today's information age. Moving forward a highly reliable, trusted and uncompromised identity system will continue to be a central component in providing a trustworthy ICT infrastructure. Join us in discovering and defining the identity systems of today and of the future.


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