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E-identity for payment professionals

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E-identity for payment professionals

Tijd: April 18 2012 vanaf 18.00 to 19.00
Locatie: Rome, Italy
Plaats: Rome, Italy
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Soort gebeurtenis: workshop
Georganiseerd door: EPCA
Meest recente activiteit: 15 Mrt 2012

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An introduction to E-identity for payment professionals

It can be argued that, just like money, E-identity is at the heart of every electronic financial transaction. However since the concept of E-identity is not that well known as  the concept of money is, it's only logical some questions pop-up. Very viable questions exist like 'Why can I trust the people I do business with?', 'Who's liable if something goes wrong?', 'How does it all work?' and last but not least: ‘how can I make money with this?. This workshop aims to be a solid introduction to the topic of E-identity for payment and financial professionals.
After introducing E-identity, during this workshop Dave, Kick and Vincent will give answers to the following questions:
 • What's the value created by E-identity?
 • Why is E-identity the new money?
 • What roles should banks/FIs/PIs play in E-identity?
 • Will there be global trust frameworks like there are payment networks?
 • Can payment infrastructures be re-used for E-identity?

The workshop on April 18th is hosted by Dave Birch - Director Consult Hyperion (UK), Kick Willemse - Boardmember OpenID, Evidos (NL) and  Vincent Jansen - Senior consultant Innopay (NL).


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