Platform Identity Management Nederland (PIMN)

PIMN voor beter identity management

The eIDAS Revolution started taking place in September 2014, when the EU adopted new rules for electronic identification and trust services.
Now, year by year, public services and companies need to adapt to the different stages:
- From 1 July 2016, we will be able to use eSignatures and other trust services across the EU.
- From 29 September 2018, we will be able to use our national electronic ID across the EU, ans using our eSignature we will open eBank accounts in another EU country. We set up a new company in another Member State with just one click!
From that date, even getting our medicines in another EU country will be easier with an ePrescription!

By 29 September 2018, all Member States will implement EU eIDAS rules to make this possible.

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