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A completely new concept in biometric authentication

ACTIBIO aims to research and develop a completely new concept in biometric authentication, i.e., the extraction of biometric signatures based on the response of the user to specific stimuli while performing specific work-related activities. The novelty of the approach lies in the fact that the measurements that will be used for authentication will correspond to the response of the person to specific events being however, fully unobtrusive and also fully integrated in an Ambient Intelligence infrastructure. ACTIBIO will target a multimodal approach fusing information from various sensors capturing either the dynamic behavioural profile of the user (face, gesture, gait, body dynamics) or the physiological response of the user to events (analysis of EEG and ECG). ACTIBIO will also research on the use of unobtrusive sensors, either wearable (in garments of uniforms to capture body dynamics) or integrated in the infrastructure (sensing seat sensors capturing the anthropometric profile of the user, sound-based activity recognition sensors, etc.) ACTIBIO aims to develop novel activity-related and soft biometrics technologies for substantially improving security, trust and dependability of “always on” networks and service infrastructures. The goal is to integrate biometric technologies in AmI security infrastructures in order to support continuous authentication and monitoring. Particular focus will be paid to the analysis of the human’s physiological and behavioural response to specific stimuli in order to extract activity-related patterns that fully characterise the human. Emphasis will be put on the unobtrusiveness of the approach and the universal usage of such a system. Source

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