Platform Identity Management Nederland (PIMN)

PIMN voor beter identity management

Authenticeren met je stem, The global voice signature repository

The global voice signature repository

KYC Secure® as a division of the Voice Commerce Group can offer your business access to the VoiceTransact™ Trust Centres™.

The VoiceTransact™ Trust Centre™ is an automated, risk managed and independently audited security system which stores and manages customer's voice signatures within a national repository.

Currently covering 51 countries, the VoiceTransact™ Network has established the standards for interoperable biometric interchange and is building a series of secure national Trust Centres to provide a tool for the reduction of fraud and identity in a cost effective manner.

The VoiceTransact™ TrustCentre™ network is certified and connected to payments and transaction authorisation services.
Our TrustCentres are independently penetration tested to ensure network security.
Businesses use our TrustCentres to deliver identity and verification services to their customers using our secure interface. This connection interface or API provides connection information to the appropriate TrustCentre automating the authorisation, authentication and or payment.


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