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Call for Contributions a.o. Identity and Access Management




ISSE 2011

Information Security Solutions Europe Conference

22 – 23 November 2011, Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Contributions

Hosted by:

○ Czech Chamber of Commerce

Organised by:

○ ENISA - The European Network and Information Security Agency

○ eema - The Independent European Association for e-Business

○ TeleTrusT – IT Security Association

○ Czech Chamber of Commerce

ISSE is the only independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and European focused conference for the presentation and discussion of technical, commercial, organisational, legal and political concepts for information security as well as privacy and data protection.

The focus of ISSE is on security as a part of business processes and electronic transactions.

One of the biggest challenges today is to manage security in applications: issues like return on investment, total cost of ownership, risk management as well as interoperability are of great importance. In 2011 ISSE will focus on submissions on implemented security solutions and case studies from specific application areas and industry sectors:

○ eBusiness

○ financial sector and enterprise security

○ health care

○ eGovernment and public sector

○ private sector


This Call for Contributions is intended to…

…call for papers and other contributions such as round tables, panels and plenaries. Papers can be accepted for the ISSE Publication regardless whether they will be presented at ISSE 2011.

Target Groups:

Technical Experts (Developers, Architects)

Researchers and Academics

Heads of IT Department

General Business Managers


Systems Administrators

Security/IT Managers

Product Managers

Representatives from government and Policy Makers

Product Managers and Marketing Experts

Legal/Compliance/Regulatory Professionals

Consultants and Business Analysts

Business or Risk Managers


IT Business Development and Sales Experts



The submissions to ISSE should be original research results, survey articles or case studies and position papers.
Presentations promoting products will be rejected.

For ISSE 2011 we are especially interested in the following topics (others will be considered):

Cloud Computing Security

Security of Data in the Cloud, Virtualisation, Data Leakage Protection, Enterprise Rights Management, Forensics, Security related Services


Public Cloud Challenges

Interoperability & Standards, Compliance, Service Level Agreements, Business Models


Trustworthy Infrastructures

Rules & Regulations, Resilience & Availability, Privacy & Data Protection, Backup, Recovery & Key Management Services


Embedded Security

Emerging Applications, Smart Grid & Automotive Solutions, Ubiquitous Computing, M2M Security


Mobile Security Solutions

Platform Security, Transaction Security, Information Security, Treats & Risks, Privacy Aspects, Management of Mobile Devices


Identity and Access Management

Borderless e-Identification, Biometrics, Smart Tokens, e-ID-Cards, e-Passports, RFID & NFC Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions


e-ID and e-Sig Applications

Trust Levels, Risk Mitigation, Liability, European Interoperability Programs, Business Models, Attribute Verification, Social Sign On


Security Management and Economics of Security

Risk Mitigation, Compliance and Governance, IT Security Ecosystem


Privacy and Data Protection in Cyberspace

Privacy and Data Protection Issues in Web 2.0 and Cloud Environments/Social Networks/Search Engines, Use of Privacy enhancing Technologies, Concepts for Security Breach Notification


Awareness and Education

Transparency/Customer Awareness and legal Obligations, Awareness for Social Networks, Mobile Computing/Communication, Cloud Application


Network Wireless and Endpoint Security

Network-level Security Devices, Interconnectivity Devices, Protocols and Trends, Intrusion Prevention, Network Infrastructures,


Hackers and Threats

Awareness Raising, Social Engineering, Protection against Mail and Web Attacks, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing


e-Government – Policy and Governance

Emerging European & Global Regulations, Legislations, National Security, Law Enforcement, Governmental Applications


Enterprise Security Services

Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting, Governance, Risk and Compliance


Critical Infrastructure Protection and physical Security

CERT/CSIRT – European and Global Developments, Resilience of Networks and Services, surveillance technics and analytics


CyberWar, Cybercrime and Forensics, Fraud Detection & Prevention

DDoS, Attacks and Countermeasures against industrial Infrastructures (SCADA)


Instructions for Submissions

Presentations and other contributions at ISSE conferences are invited as well as selected from abstracts submitted in advance. The process is completely neutral: speakers are solely selected on the merit of their submissions and their position in the organisation.

○ Please submit an extended abstract using the ISSE 2011 template (Download)

○ If you want to submit a round table, a panel or a plenary please also use the ISSE 2011 template

○ After filling in the submission template please upload onto our submission website:

○ If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact:       

Sophie Reimer, Programme Manager,

TeleTrusT Deutschland e.V.

Tel: +49 173 3543069


Deadline for Submissions

April 21st 2011

In case that you are invited as a speaker please note: ISSE does not offer honorariums or reimburse travel expenses. Every speaker will be charged a nominal fee of 350 € to cover a part of the costs related to your conference participation.

ISSE Publication

ISSE offers a publication of the accepted papers as printed proceedings in “Securing Electronic Business Processes - Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe 2011 Conference”. Papers promoting products will be rejected.

Web Site

Regularly updated information about ISSE 2011 will be available at:

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the event and in other promotional opportunities please contact Deborah Puxty at +44(0)1892 820936 or

Steering Committee:

Isabella Santa (ENISA, co-chairman)

Roger Dean (eema, co-chairman)

John Hermans (eema)

Jon Shamah (eema)

Holger Muehlbauer (TeleTrusT)

Norbert Pohlmann (TeleTrusT)

Helmut Reimer (TeleTrusT)

Wolfgang Schneider (TeleTrusT)



Programme Committee:




Ammar Alkassar, Sirrix AG

Ronny Bjones, Microsoft (Belgium)

Roger Dean, eema (United Kingdom)

Jan De Clercq, HP (Belgium)

Marijke De Soete, Security4Biz (Belgium)

Jos Dumortier, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)

Walter Fumy, Bundesdruckerei (Germany)

Riccardo Genghini, S.N.G. (Italy)

Michael Hartmann, SAP (Germany)

John Hermans, KPMG (The Netherlands)

Jeremy Hilton, Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Francisco Jordan, Safelayer (Spain)

Frank Jorissen, tygris (Belgium)


Willi Kafitz, Siemens Enterprise Communications (Germany)

Jaap Kuipers, DigiNotar (The Netherlands)

Matt Landrock, Cryptomathic (Denmark)

Vashek Matyas, Masaryk University Brno (Czech Republic) tbc

Norbert Pohlmann (chairman), University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Bart Preneel, K.U. Leuven (Belgium)

Steve Purser, ENISA

Helmut Reimer, TeleTrusT (Germany)

Thomás Rosa, Raiffeisenbank (Czech Republic) tbc

Wolfgang Schneider, Fraunhofer Institute SIT (Germany)

Jon Shamah, EJ Consultants (United Kingdom)

Robert Temple, BT (United Kingdom)



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