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Dear CMO, consider Identity Relationship Management solutions to help you drive top-line revenue!

In 2014 Everett saw a growing demand for Identity Management solutions that are specifically designed to enable online business models and help drive top-line revenue. We refer to them as Identity Relationship Management or IRM solutions.

In the past few months, I have spoken to several marketing managers, marketing intelligence specialists and managers of large website building companies. My specific purpose for those talks was to identify what role Identity Management plays in the minds of these marketing experts. Especially in the light of Gartner’s published expectation that the CMO will soon start spending more on IT than the CIO.

My meetings turned out to be highly interesting so I thought I’d share the highlights with you.

From the talks, it once more became clear to me that E-commerce is thriving. Traditional companies are reinventing themselves online and most new companies are web shops or only offer online services. Seducing the customer is what they are about.
Their customers are always online, becoming more demanding and expect to be recognized to have a personalized and secure experience.

It’s fair to say that the online marketing experts have a difficult task. Driving top-line revenue by seducing customers that you don’t really know is a tall order. The only footprint that a customer currently leaves in most online engagements is being captured in Excel spreadsheets. Nine out of ten times these sheets remain unused since extracting relevant customer information is cumbersome. This is a waste, since there is substantial value hidden in this. When combined with the existing customer information stored in the CRM and financial systems marketing experts can really get to know the customer (KYC) in an effective way. This allows for providing personalized online services in real time, driving conversion and ultimately top-line revenue.

Key questions like “How do we make sure all customer data can be viewed across all channels, devices, and systems?” And “How do we give the customer the experience they expect?” – are really top of mind with the online marketing professionals.

But next to that, it was superb to find out that online marketing professionals in Europe (other than their American colleagues, so I’m told) spend a lot of time thinking about the ethics of their business. Since this is relevant to the reputation and brand-awareness of their company, they are looking for solutions that can do KYC for them while safeguarding the privacy of their website visitors and online customers. A key question in this regard is “How can we ensure personal data remains safe and controlled by the customer?”. All the experts I spoke to consider these to be important before kicking-off an online campaign or business.

Two other things became clear in my meetings. The first thing is that when I started to explain what the solutions that we offer are made of, it was mumbo jumbo to them and I completely lost them. I wanted to share the experience Everett has with IRM solutions. These solutions offer the specific functionalities that address most of the mentioned questions, but IT terminology doesn’t work. Perhaps because the marketing experts I spoke with, do not have an IT background or (which is probably more right) because marketing professionals have somewhat of a resistance to anything that smells like IT. However, once I had explained Identity Relationship Management solutions in layman’s terms and specifically mentioned perks like user recognition (where users are not the employees but customers), personalization, ease-of-use and security there suddenly was a lot of attention.

The second thing was that after getting their interest there is only one question: ‘Can that be done within weeks?’. Online marketeers need IRM solutions that can be realized quickly. Implementation projects that last for months and cost a ton of money are simply not in line with the time to service requirements online businesses need.

There is a new era dawning, which brings important questions for online marketeers revolving around identity, ease-of use and security. However, Identity Management does not play in the mind of marketing experts. Although Identity Management is a key component in the IT world, it is mostly unknown to the marketing professionals.

Do marketing experts have a need for Identity Relationship Management solutions? Yes! Once they know what value is in them and once they learn that IRM solutions can be realized in weeks. And, hmmm, once IT people like me can speak marketing.

So, spread the word. Dear CMO, consider Identity Relationship Management solutions to help you drive top-line revenue!

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