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DigIDeas: Social and Ethical Aspects of Digital Identities

PIMN met with DigIDeas in Maastricht.


TOWARDS A VALUE SENSITIVE IDENTITY MANAGEMENT The DigIDeas project examines the social and ethical aspects of digital identities in the context of an increasingly digital world. Our research examines connections between the digitisation and automation processes that pervade virtually all aspects and domains of society, and ‘identity’ as a key concept in contemporary social theory and in conceptualisations of the relation between technology and society. Our aim is to increase understanding of and awareness about the social and ethical aspects of digital identity management (IDM), as well as to contribute to an overall analysis of these technological developments through a series of selected case studies. This project is funded through a European Research Council Starting Grant awarded to Dr Irma van der Ploeg and is hosted at the Infonomics and New Media research centre of Zuyd University. It includes three complementary PhD projects and one integrative post doctoral research project which all concentrate on the emerging intellectual and societal potentials and problems posed by IDM and its interconnections with personal identity.

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