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eIDAS Workshop on eID on-boarding bank practices

Workshop on eID and digital on-boarding: mapping and analysis of existing on-boarding bank practices across EU.

"As a contractor for the European Commission (DG CONNECT), PwC is currently conducting a study on “ a marketing plan to stimulate the take-up of eID and trust services for the Digital Single Market” (SMART 2015/0046).

The eIDAS Regulation sets a predictable regulatory environment for EU citizens, business, and public administrations to confidently go digital through the use of electronic identification (eID) and trust services (i.e., e-signatures, e-seals, e-time stamping, e-delivery service and website authentication).

Although demonstrably a large market interest exist for the use of eID and trust services, many parties are still unaware of the opportunities (and obligations) flowing from the Regulation creating a risk for the DSM

In this context, this study aims to:

Describe and understand how the market for eID and trust services is functioning
Suggest marketing actions to increase adoption services covered under eIDAS 
As the project is concluding, we organise a validation workshop where the draft findings of the study will be shared and discussed with the audience, and the audience will be able to provide feedback. This feedback will be used to enrich the final report. During the day, experts from different areas related to the subject of the study will be presenting and discussing their views on the topic.

The workshop will be hosted by the European Commission and will take place on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 from 10:00 until 16:00 in Brussels."

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