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I am Screwed (pardon my French) because of recent Hacker Attacks

I know the title is a bit blunt (not in a James Blunt kind of way) but that is how I feel after I read the latest article from the NYT How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers? 

Apparently I have been at risk on many occasions with my accounts at well-known online companies. 

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The Test

If I take myself as an example, I have an eBay account created before May 2014, I also have a Snapchat account created before Jan. 2014 and a Twitter account created well before Feb. 2013. Although I cannot answer the other questions because these are specifically aimed at American consumers but with only these 3 accounts my password, my phone number and Email have been exposed twice and my birthday as well as private address have been exposed 'only' once. 



Although I'd rather stick my head in the sand like an ostrich it won't do me any good. Changing my passwords and such is only a temporary fix until it happens again. 


I want to trust the companies I use services from or spend my money at, but it becomes harder with every successful hacker attack that comes to light. 

Security should be on top of mind of those companies as well as the app developers who are developing their user friendly apps and not compromise on security.

Stop the DIY security fixes

It is time for them to think about a solid solution, not a 'we do it our self' fix but let professionals handle it. Security is done by security experts and not by a developer that does it on the side. It's a full time commitment to the ever changing security world. 

Now you take the test and find out which of your credentials have been exposed.

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