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James Sheire from NIST will present NSTIC to the Dutch Government Thursday 25th October in The Hague.

Since The Netherlands has an open economy, trade and an infrastructure for efficient transactions are important to us. We favor a single European digital market, therefore we participate in the European STORK project. National and European Companies and citizens will profit from easy, free digital movement in and outside the Dutch part of cyberspace. This is about Europe.

The United States of America work on NSTIC, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. Some of you know NSTIC and NIST the organization behind NSTIC. Participants in ECP and  PIMN have exchanged ideas with NSTIC participants in the US on NSTIC and eRecognition. We like to know more about NSTIC and share our ideas on eID, in doing so we want to stay aligned with international developments.

We are happy that James Sheire from NIST  is willing to visit The Netherlands to meet with our Government and eID community and to share ideas.

At 15:00 h there will be an informal meeting at NH Hotel Den Haag.


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