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Porvoo 19: Identity in a Changing World (25-26 Mei 2017, Rome)

Voor wie zin heeft om naar de Porvo 19 conferentie te gaan is hier de uitnodiging.

Dit is waar het over gaat:

This conference will bring together a wide range of speakers and topics
with a focus on what comes next and how the various initiatives can
support the movement towards more mature and valuable interopera-
ble identity schemes. The programme has been arranged by the Porvoo
Group, with support from eForum representing the EKSISTENZ Project
and EEMA.
A core focus of the Porvoo Group is keeping abreast of what the national
representatives are doing in their own countries. Therefore, there will
be updates from a variety of countries including Estonia, Belgium and
Finland. Additional insights will be provided from outside the EU and
there will also be a focus on how this experience can best be shared
with the developing world.
In addition to updates on eIDAS, there will be reports on the work of no
fewer than five ongoing EU funded projects in the field: EKSISTENZ, CRE-

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