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Quest Software Announces Industry's Most Complete Solution for Identity and Access Management

Today's ever-increasing threat landscape has resulted in the deployment of disparate Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that require an inordinate amount of time, resources and costs to administer. Unlike traditional IAM platforms, Quest Software has taken a completely unified approach with Quest One Identity Solutions, which now is reinforced by the newly acquired BiTKOO granular access technology. As a result, Quest is uniquely positioned to deliver the most comprehensive IAM solution on the market that enables businesses to save time, reduce costs and increase security.

News Facts:

-- Quest Software has expanded its Quest One Identity Solutions portfolio to deliver the market's most robust solution for externalizing, unifying, securing, and simplifying access control -- one of the most troublesome components of IAM strategy.

-- Quest is currently re-branding the BiTKOO solutions and will soon be releasing Quest One Authorization Policy Server (the former BiTKOO Keystone solution) and Quest One Authorization Policy Server for SharePoint (the former BiTKOO Keystone for SharePoint solution).

-- The integration of the Quest One Identity Solutions portfolio with the Keystone technology of BiTKOO, a leading externalized authorization management specialist acquired by Quest in December 2011, extends Quest One's power, enabling businesses to save time, reduce costs and increase security.

-- The Quest One Identity Solutions portfolio further improves access control with: -- Seamless security integration: BiTKOO technology eliminates a "siloed" and disjointed security strategy through a security dial tone approach. This "dial tone" acts as a common security paradigm, which is easily and consistently implemented and eliminates ad-hoc, inconsistent, and custom security coding on individual applications.

-- Compliance confidence: BiTKOO technology fully complements Quest One's powerful capabilities for gathering information and increasing visibility into who has access to what, when and how they got it, and how it was approved.

-- Fast, cost effective implementation: The addition of BiTKOO technology rounds out the Quest One portfolio by providing additional capabilities that fully support Quest One's modular and integrated approach, which can be implemented precisely to the customer's needs.

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