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Trusted Platform Module (TPM): The Next Authentication Token

Virtually every business laptop comes with an embedded security token. Surprised? About 300,000,000 PCs have shipped with a chip called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), with capabilities beyond traditional tokens or smart cards. The key differentiator: TPMs uniquely support both user and machine authentication in one token-a simple, yet revolutionary concept, ensuring only authorized users and authorized PCs are on the network.

Solutions For:
* Email
Strengthen certificate-based email encryption with TPM key protection. Support for all X.509 certificate-based email encryption.
* Multi-Factor Authentication
Use the TPM for authentication to provide a first factor: "something you have". An additional factor can be added for security such as a PIN or password for "something you know". More secure than software-based certificates and tokens. Lower TCO compared to smart cards and hardware tokens. The TPM is the only token that supports both strong user and machine authentication.
* VPN Access
Meet enterprise multi-factor authentication requirements for remote access. With a TPM, achieve a hardware level of security without the costs and hassles associated with deploying and managing smart cards or hardware tokens.
* Wireless Access
Beyond data encryption, deploy stronger authentication to wireless networks. The TPM securely identifies a user or machine and automatically integrates with the 802.1x authentication framework.


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