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TURBINE TrUsted Revocable Biometric IdeNtitiEs

Identity management systems have become very important in the 21st society. They allow administrators to control access and to confer authorization rights to persons for places, computer systems and e-applications. Biometrics is hereby used as a way to link persons to an identity to make sure that individuals are the ones they claim to be.
Biometrics based identity management systems, however, raise privacy concerns. Biometric characteristics are unique and once they are compromised (for example, in case of identity theft), they are compromised forever. Biometric identifiers shall therefore be revocable if desired or if needed. In addition, the personal data stored in the identity management systems shall in principle be limited to a minimum in order to protect the privacy of the individuals. This includes that transactions of persons shall not be observed or linked if not required and that persons shall be in control over the use of their data. Biometric identity management systems shall also guarantee a maximum security.

TURBINE aims at defining, developing and demonstrating that fingerprint biometrics can be used in identity management systems for increasing the security while preserving at the same time privacy. The researched identity management solution will provide for the creation and verification of secure multiple identities (pseudo-identities), based on fingerprint protected templates, with the capability to revoke and renew such identity based on the same fingerprint in case of need. The biometrics could be stored locally on an object under control of the individual and the pseudo-identities will be interoperable if needed for multi vendor solutions. Cryptographic techniques will prove the security of the system. The partners in TURBINE will hereby also contribute to the further development of international standards.

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