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VASCO reveals DIGIPASS 837, its first acoustic smart card reader.

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. , a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, revealsl its acoustic smart card reader DIGIPASS 837 at CeBIT on March 6th.

The smart card reader is exceptionally easy to use thank to its innovative acoustic feature that facilitates data transfer from the computer to the reader in an instant. DIGIPASS 837 is VASCO’s first acoustic smart card reader combining one-time password and electronic signature functionality. The reader offers an effective solution against so called man-in-the middle attacks and helps financial organizations to cost-effectively add strong authentication to their retail by leveraging their existing investments in an EMV infrastructure.

The acoustic device is designed for user authentication allowing users to securely sign online transactions. The acoustic interface receives sonic signals from a PC, smartphone or tablet PC and converts those signals into the transaction information displayed on the screen of DIGIPASS 837. This ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-sign’ (WYSIWYS) functionality allows end-users to verify the data of the transaction before signing it. This considerably increases end-user acceptance since a transaction is completed within a few seconds. The acoustic e-signature device just has to be held in the vicinity of the speakers in order to complete data transaction and should not be held at a specific tilt angle as is the case with optical devices.

DIGIPASS 837 tolerates high levels of background noise and works with all kinds of speakers including those of smart phones and tablets. The solution does not require any software or driver to be installed as the communication is established through the speakers of the end-user’s PC and the acoustic sensors of DIGIPASS 837. Furthermore, DIGIPASS 837 is compatible with virtually every smartphone and tablet PC. With the launch of DIGIPASS 837, VASCO adds another strategic key product to its already extended portfolio of EMV CAP compliant readers. VASCO has established a long standing experience in EMV CAP readers with proven manufacturing capacity and large deployments for banking customers worldwide.

“DIGIPASS 837 is another key addition to our product portfolio and offers financial organizations a high security solution while at the same time providing a value-added service to their online customers”, says Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCO Data Security. “The solution optimizes information exchange between any online banking application and the customer and drastically increases user convenience. Our acoustic smart card reader offers the best of both worlds: enhanced security without compromising on user-friendliness.”

VASCO will showcase its acoustic DIGIPASS 837 at CeBIT, Hannover (Germany), from March 6-10. You can visit VASCO at booth C33 in hall 12.

A demo of how the solution works, can be found on:

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