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Webinar recording: 'Mobile App Management for Consumer Apps'

When developing mobile apps for the consumer market the level of control you can have over their mobile device is really low to non-existing.

Jan de Kock and Casper Polhout will take you through the process how you can obtain a high level of security using mobile app management for consumer apps.

No Control Yet Highly Secure

Having no control over mobile app security does not sit well with people within your organisation concerned with security and compliance. There is even the issue of fake apps, how can you be certain the app connecting to your backend is really your app and not an app posing as such. According to an article in PCWorld there are almost a million fake apps dressed up to look like official ones but actually designed to steal user data.  

So how can you achieve a high level of security facing these threats and put the minds of your security and compliance colleagues at ease using mobile app management for consumer apps? 

In this 30-minute webinar you will learn:

  • How to make sure the app requesting information is really your app.
  • How to manage mobile app versions once they are published.
  • What happens when an old version of your app is trying to get access.
  • How to use force upgrade to enhance security.

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