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During Innotribe at Sibos 2009 in Hong-Kong, we facilitated Innotribe Labs on Cloud, Crowd and Mash-ups. The best ideas were pitched in front of a buyers panel, resulting in the SWIFT 2009 Innovation Award being awared to the cloud idea “eMe”.

In essence, eMe is about a digital vault run by SWIFT. eMe would contain personal profile data that can be shared in a user-controlled way by service providers like on-line shops, banks, utility companies, social media etc. In addition eMe would be a secured repository of documents and files in different formats (for ex PDF, Office Word, Scans, etc) related to financial activities. Access to eMe needs to be secured by two-factor authentication (smart card, USB Token, Mobile token for example)

Although the eMe team delivered at Sibos a great pitch and Guy Kawasaki indicated that the pitch was ““better than 98% of the pitches I hear every day”, at that moment eMe was just a “cute idea”. So we decided to do some more work and invest some SWIFT Innovation proof-of-concept budget and resources into eMe. Today, we are happy to report that we have moved quite a long way since Sibos.

After Sibos, we contacted the “CEO” of the eMe team – Peter Hinssen from Across Technology – and asked him together with some of the initial Innotribe team members to put some more meat around the bones of this idea, doing business case analysis, and making sure we had not missed something important. The Swift Innovation team assisted by Across Technology developed a proof of concept and a set of compelling animated use-case scenarios.

In November 2009, we organized a workshop with representatives of Belgian Banks, Corporates and Local and Federal Governments. We presented the results and asked for candid feedback. All representatives recognized the value of the idea, but there remained many questions on business case, funding and revenue model, liabilities, etc. All participants felt ok to continue working as a small feedback group, but felt more analysis was needed before committing to a pilot phase or funding the project.

By end 2009, the team completed the second analysis. Swift had further developed the idea of a virtual interactive vault for business to business communication and storage coined “eBiz”. It became clear that the requirements for end-consumer and business-to-business were quite different. During that time it also became clear that the first results of SWIFT 2015 Strategy consultation indicated that end-consumer and retail space were not the natural eco-system for SWIFT.

We decided to progress eMe and eBiz on different, though parallel tracks to ensure later convergence where needed.

eMe is consumer-to-business, banks, or government storage and communication and will for the time being mainly have a Belgian focus. This project is now further progressed by a consortium of Belgian Banks, Governments with the support of Across Technologies. SWIFT is present in an observer role.
eBiz is business-to-business, banks, or government storage and communication, and is international in focus. This project is now further progressed by SWIFT. We are now analysing the synergies of eBiz with two new SWIFT Innovation proof-of-concepts: one related to Asset Servicing and Corporate Actions, requiring the safe storage of business documents, and one related to EBAM, the Electronic Bank Account Management project of SWIFT. These two SWIFT Innovation project are on a fast-track process with expected results before summer.
We continue to promote both concepts: eMe and eBiz were also presented at the EEMA eID Interoperability Conference on 16-17 March 2010, hosted and Innotribe’d by SWIFT.

We plan to give you a follow-up report on the progress on eMe and eBiz before summer.

In preparation of Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam (25-29 October 2010), we already have safeguarded a slot in the Innotribe program to give you detailed updates on both eMe and eBiz.

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Reactie van Jacob Boersma op 2 November 2010 op 11.27
Will there also be a report on the results of the eMe Innotribe session, since Sibos Amsterdam was last week? Also, who is the 'we' writing this blog post?

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